Community College Education Foundations

Community College Education Foundations

Resource Management, Stewardship and Professionalism

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-05-22 )

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Public community colleges in the 21st century face a decline in state subsidy and look to their foundations for the financial means to respond to institutional needs. The future of post secondary education relies upon colleges having a professional foundation, proper stewardship, and foundation accountability. The three cases presented belong to the Virginia Community College System and have active foundations with proven fund raising track records. This study adds to community college discourse on the following topics: the value of the education foundation; process development for an educational foundation; proper stewardship of the gift; management of change; and long-term planning. This text proposes a sample multi-source flexible model that foundation administrators can use to start or develop a foundation. The system foundation can serve a broader role as an information vendor rather than compete for funds with its constituent community colleges. Community college presidents, foundation developers, the community at large and college educators will find this text useful in deciding how best to develop a partnership that serves the needs of all involved.

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Joanne LaBeouf

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