Adults’ Biographical Accounts of Spiritual Development

Adults’ Biographical Accounts of Spiritual Development

A Transpersonal Psychological Study of the Significance and Effects of Spiritual Experiences and Beliefs

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-05-22 )

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Interest in spirituality has grown internationally as indicated in spiritual, religious, educational, political and health studies or media releases. This qualitative PhD study was designed to explore, understand and generate a description of people’s sense of spirituality through investigating the processes, meanings and significance of their spiritual beliefs and experiences. Results from the study reveal both unique differences and important similarities across the participants for both spiritual beliefs and experiences as well as in their spiritual development pathways. Most are searching for an experiential understanding of spirituality beyond cognitive or faith-based dogma; many feel unsatisfied in their quest. By categorizing the 15 participants into 4 groups related to the quantity and qualities of spiritual phenomena experienced, this book illustrates how the groups use their sense of spirituality as a resource for knowledge, direction, comfort and security. New interpretations of spiritual experiences are presented. This study has been praised by academic examiners: “This thesis is useful to the profession, especially the profession of practicing psychologists.”

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Donna Golding

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