Acoustic correlates of [voice]

Acoustic correlates of [voice]

Data from two dialects of Venezuelan Spanish

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-01-31 )

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The present study is an investigation of acoustic correlates corresponding to the category [voice] in two dialects of Venezuelan Spanish. The Andean mountain dialect Mérida (MER) and Caribbean coastal dialect Margarita (MAR) are thought to differ systematically in the phonetic implementation of the Spanish phonological stop series. To test what repercussions differences in consonant articulation may have on the acoustic correlates that encode [voice], a production experiment was run. Informants were 25 adult monolingual speakers of Venezuelan Spanish from the areas of El Tirano (Margarita Island) and San Rafael de Mucuchíes (Mérida state). Target syllables were analyzed with respect to 9 acoustic parameters. Results of this study imply that while the same acoustic correlates of [voice] are operative in both fortis and lenis dialects of Spanish, [± voice] categories relate to one another differently. These results are relevant to current research on the specifics of dialectal variation in consonant systems. They also have wider implications for the general mapping of phonetics to phonology in speech.

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