Questioning academic freedom in Islamic Education

Questioning academic freedom in Islamic Education

Contemporary Relevance of Ijtihad in Islamic Education in Indonesia

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-04-02 )

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There is a fast development of references about teaching method. However, very little academic literature on teaching method derived from the basic tenets of Islamic Intellectual tradition. As a result, some of Islamic tenets cannot be exhorted deeply which leads unsatisfactory accomplishment of intellectual development in Islam. This book focuses of the Ijtihad concept in relation to the teaching approach in Islamic education. The problems that have been occurring is Islamic education, particularly regarding the teaching and learning approach, may arise because these aspects are not in line with the Ijtihad concept that has been practiced by the Ulemas and taught in Islamic Education. This book is respected for students, lecturers and education practitioners who concern about the development of thinking pattern. It can be a valuable reference for teaching learning strategic, and enrich the intellectual properties, particularly for Islamic education institutions. This book is completed with brief questionnaire that might be able to help readers to see clearer picture of practicing Ijtihad in some Islamic education institutions in Indonesia.

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Nur Fitriatin Yamin

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