An integrated EU approach to urban regeneration

An integrated EU approach to urban regeneration

Sustainable urban cities under the Structural Funds

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-04-03 )

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Disparities are visible across cities all over the world; disparities are also manifested within the same continent, same country, and same region. Giving particular attention to the European Union, the challenge to reducing disparities between regions and within regions has long been placed on top of the agenda particularly since 1990s. This book shall look at the development of an urban dimension in European regional policy particularly in Cohesion policy aimed to tackle regional disparities ensuring sustainable communities and sustainable urban development. The analysis focuses on the use of an integrated approach to urban development particularly through different EU funded projects in Ireland, Slovenia and Malta. These interventions provide an impetus to develop further the integrated approach to strengthen the role of European cities in the economy as better places to live and work. The analysis looks also into the challenges cities need to address to ensure social and economic cohesion after 2013.

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Donna Micallef

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Comparative and international political science