Synergy-Based Approach to Quality Assurance

Synergy-Based Approach to Quality Assurance

Synergy-based framework for quality management with the concept of engineering design quality

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-05-22 )

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The present work is focussed on the research of human shortcomings in the quality assurance environment. The driving force behind this research is to find an effective way for fighting against the so-called "bad" engineering. The basic idea is the conviction that most of quality problems can be treated as human-based resulting from human faults and mistakes. The aim of the present research is to develop a synergy-based framework for quality management integrating it with the concept of engineering design quality into an overall effective quality assurance system. To solve the above described problem the research method first presumes composing a representative database of human shortcomings in the framework of quality assurance. The results side of the research looks for a synergy-based approach to the quality management system in order to make effective use of the information on human shortcomings to raise the capability of the company to prepare for ISO certification. Finally a complete framework for quality assurance is completed by the synergy-based integration of the concepts of engineering design quality and quality management.

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Tiit Hindreus

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Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology