Counselling University students on Drug and Substance Abuse

Counselling University students on Drug and Substance Abuse

Counselling on Drug Abuse and Prevention

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-08-02 )

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The use of illegal drugs and misuse of therapeutic drugs has spread at an unprecedented rate and has reached to every part of the globe. No nation has been spared the devastating problem caused by drugs abuse. At the same time a broad spectrum of the world community has demonstrated intense concern over the problem, the insidious long term effects of chronic drug abuse and its impacts on the drug user, the family the community and society. Reasons for concern include a related increase in crime, drug-related automobile accidents, industrial accidents, learning disabilities and other mental health problem including interference with normal reproductive function and long term damage to the brain, heart and the lungs. The issue of people, young or old, taking drugs is not a far fetching myth. It is reality; it is a menace in our society. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and say everything is well. Never, for the drugs problem is within our learning institution, primary schools, secondary schools, universities, technical school as well as factories markets and all social gatherings. It is a good book for counseling on dangers of drug abuse for all Institutions and staff.

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