Rethinking Globalism

Rethinking Globalism

Case of transforming old cities

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-07-22 )

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Modernization freed mankind geographically, intellectually and spiritually but ironically this very freedom, produced anxiety and stress by cutting the umbilical cord of tradition in all spheres of life. Sense of identity, sense of place, the comforts and security of a familiar milieu are all at stake. The ideals of modernization such as efficiency, functionalism, productivity, standardization, rationalization and homogenization brought about uniformity as opposed to the traditional unity in diversity. Due to the primordial relations of culture, society and the physical environment our age attests the most immense impact of globalization on urban space: the demolishing of old quarters of cities and the culturally effective domains. This book points to the dignified human values embedded in traditional old towns; it condemns the capitalistic modes of international investments which overlook the local values and criticises the internationally appraised models of urban planning and architecture for not taking into consideration the local resources, geographic conditions, values and life styles, etc.

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Sengul Oymen Gur

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City-, area- and landscape planning