Feasibility Study to Upgrade Lighting

Feasibility Study to Upgrade Lighting

Feasibility Study to upgrade the lighting of a 20 year old office building

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-08-05 )

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With extensive Electrical Engineering utilised in this writing some of the findings were delivered. The new proposed installation accounting for, 40% decrease in the 60% utility bill giving an overall reduction of 24%. The payback was calculated to be 1.45 years. This was a very important factor as the finances that would be spent could be quickly recovered. The IPhone application ‘Danu'' was used to conduct an energy audit concerning the lighting of the offices. The user entered in the relevant data when prompted to do so, this device allowed the user to conduct a walk through the premises quickly and efficiently. The application allows the user to evaluate not alone the lighting but, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and water consumption. With this finished tool, an energy manager could provide an excellent time saving application with the various professional energy efficient products to match the products, thus reducing the energy consumption.

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Hugh Kelly

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Electronics, electro-technology, communications technology