Life in the Work of Virginia Woolf

Life in the Work of Virginia Woolf

Perception of Life in the Work of Virginia Woolf

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-07-22 )

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The life and work of Virginia Woolf, one of the best known modernist authors, has been analysed and discussed many times over the last decades. When doing this, different approaches have been applied and different aspects of her work were emphasized. This work aims to make its contribution by analysing three of Virginia Woolf''s novels – To the Lighthouse, Orlando, Mrs Dalloway. Apart from many other literary researches connected with this topic, it does not deal a lot with the question of feminism and gender differences but with questions that rather unite than separate men and women – mortality, desire to fulfil and evaluate one''s life, to create. The book explains historical facts and mentions the connection between scientific and literary facts in the beginning of the twentieth century. It can also help both expert and non-expert readers better to understand the work of Virginia Woolf by taking the hints which the book suggests.

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