Discourse Analysis and Language Teaching

Discourse Analysis and Language Teaching

An Analysis of Vocabulary Diversity in the Transcripts of The Bold and the Beautiful: Some practical applications

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-08-05 )

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DA and language teaching The present thesis "Discourse analysis and language teaching: An Analysis of Vocabulary Diversity in the Transcripts of The Bold and the Beautiful and Its Practical Applications to Language Teaching" investigates the variety of soap opera vocabulary within the framework of discourse analysis. Based on theoretical sources and subjective observations it was assumed that many of the vocabulary items used in the series would be recycled in successive episodes. In order to verify the claim ten episodes were scrutinized resulting in a 20 000 word corpus that was divided into nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. The corpus was compared against the Longman Corpus Network database that includes 3000 most commonly used word in English. It became evident that the majority of the vocabulary items belongs to the list therefore it may be claimed that the language level of the soap opera is not beyond an average English language learner. Based on the vocabulary of the ten episodes the author also suggests three different types of exercises that can be used in the English language classroom.

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Janika Johanna Marley

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