Under the influence: teaching infant massage to recovering addicts

Under the influence: teaching infant massage to recovering addicts

Improving self efficacy and attachment to children of mothers in Residential Rehabilitation Facilities

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-08-03 )

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Abusing illicit drugs and substances leads to violent behavior,depression and negative coping skills. Worldwide,200 million people are illicit drug or substance abusers. Ten million US children are raised by addicted parents and yearly 30,000 European pregnant women use opioids. Physical, psychological and emotional challenges threaten relationships between a mother with low self- efficacy and her infant, leading to insecure attachments. This monograph provides information on how peer teaching infant massage increases the recovering mother''s belief of being a better parent and feeling more connected with her infant. Using infant massage as a therapeutic tool develops a healthy infant and nurtures a more positive relationship between mother and infant. Worldwide healthcare professionals,social workers, and educators can develop programs that cultivate environments where recovering addicts can peer teach and create a support system with each other.This work contributes to existing literature promoting evidence-based practice in drug rehab centers. Development of infant massage training programs for staff members can insure continual maternal infant success.

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Vivian Bango-Sanchez
T. S. Rocco
B. J. Kissel

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Adult education