History of the Church

History of the Church

Growth, Expansion and Persecution

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-08-18 )

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This book is an expansion of lectures to my students in both State and Private Universities in Kenya. Church History aims at depicting Christianity as a dynamic and an expanding faith. This book is designed to assist Lecturers and learners dealing with the subject of Church History. It is my hope that the book will meet the needs of undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers of History of the Church in both church and secular institutions. Many History books are too detailed this one is short, clear.precise and to the point. It is Long enough to cover the essentials and short enough to arouse the curiosity.It will stimulate the reader to yearn for more knowledge. It is a book that can be used by all Christians and non Christians alike because History is the Study of past events. It is a book that can be used as a class text for students and Lecturers in History Department. It is easy to read and can cover three credit hours for a core course in one semester. It can be used also as a hand book for all students taking Church History and anybody interested in History at large.

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Daniel W Kasomo

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