Counselling on Personnel Administration

Counselling on Personnel Administration

Personnel, Recruitment and Job

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-08-18 )

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There are several factors which can positively influence internal efficiency in an organisation. One of these is personnel management. If repetition and dropout are indicators counselling on personnel management therefore have booster roles to play. Through proper guidance and counseling employers or employees who would have otherwise dropped out are retained and have success stories to tell. Guidance and counselling on Personnel management are needed to reduce and possibly eliminate underperformance. There is a rising tide of unrest at places of work. If the tempo of dialogue, proper communication, understanding, listening, Guidance and counselling of personnel is increased, there is little doubt that the tempo of crises in our work place will drop. Sometimes we use argument of power instead of power of the argument. I suggest all institutions and organisations to employ counsellors to help the employers and employees in counselling and most likely there will be a noticeable change in service delivery. This book is an asset to employer and employee to help them work with the Institution and not work for the institution. This book will deal with personnel management and counselling.

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Daniel W Kasomo

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