Advanced Career Counselling and Development for University Students

Advanced Career Counselling and Development for University Students

Career, Development and Training

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-08-18 )

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Career progression is a key element in any dynamic organization that involves and utilises human resources. There is a positive relationship between career development and productivity among the employees of any organization. Any successful manager should be equipped with deep understanding of career counselling and development process. This book will enable the managers to diagnose the career needs of their employees and make the necessary plans to ensure that the workers grow within the organization. This book is also designed to equip the learner and career counsellor and Human Resource managers and Institutions with the relevant knowledge about the career counselling and development process. It is an attempt to make them fit well in the field of Human Resource Management with a view to becoming good Personnel Managers. The book has shown the rigours involved in career management process and the dangers posed by encapsulation of career knowledge to an organization. This book is an asset to any organisation and individuals that need to advance to a world class figure in career Training and Development. It is also a good book for counselling University and Colleges students.

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Daniel W Kasomo

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Practical psychology