Women and Governance

Women and Governance

Inclusive Women''s Governance and Decision Making Process in Nepal

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-10-07 )

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Women in every society play a significant role in both households and communities. Considering the reality of women in decision making, this study attempted to examine the present status of participation and decision making role in households and community level. However, the equity of relative power and freedom, women in the rural villages are lag behind by structural constrains based on gender ideologies. Evidence shows, a main obstacle in decision making is the limit set of gendered and its determined task. So far, the study emphasized about the moving beyond essentialism. Moreover, it points towards bringing change in perception to change the structures and ideologies that keep one gender subordinate of other. Therefore, women should be empowered in a holistic way. Similarly gender sensitive governance is appreciated as best practice to make equitable, sustainable and effective role of women. In every society, there are different ways in which women and men are thinking and participated in the decision making process. Gender sensitive governance creates an enabling environment to the women to meet and share their expectations and institutional expressions.

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Keshav K. Acharya

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Research on Woman and gender