Construction Delay Analysis Techniques

Construction Delay Analysis Techniques

Technique Comparison, Float Analysis, and IT Solution

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-12-13 )

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At the present time, we do not have universally accepted method to precisely determine the construction project delays, their causes or responsibilities. The float ownership is another vague issue and deserves up front assignment, because it can affect the project time and risk as a result of float consumption by the owner and the contractor(s). The current Project Management (PM) software is used as a tool only to manage the project time, cost, and resources without the ability to determine the project delay, acceleration, or float consumption responsibilities that frequently cause the construction projects ending up in litigations. This Book has investigated the delay analysis techniques, and attempted to solve all of the identified weaknesses in analyzing the float ownership and consumption, acceleration impacts, and the effect of concurrent delays. In addition, it studies the current PM software in analyzing delay claim. Finally, a computer programming is introduced to use in analyzing delay claim. If you would like to understand and study the delay analysis techniques in depth, this is the right book to choose.

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Khalid S. Al-Gahtani

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Building and environmental technology