The Beatles' Songs in Teaching English

The Beatles' Songs in Teaching English

Theories, Methodologies, Worksheets

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-10-07 )

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Since the beginning of times music has played an essential role in human society and language development. Music and song comprise a significant part in the development of human speech and language learning processes. This book aims to study the effectiveness of music and songs of The Beatles in teaching English as a foreign language. The book analyzes several language acquisition hypotheses and theories, along with discussing different teaching methodologies that incorporate music and song as a major teaching component in the foreign language acquisition. Likewise, it provides worksheets of possible activities that make use of The Beatles’ songs. Special focus is on the psychological part of language learning and the role of interaction between music and the human brain in terms of occurrence of the din and involuntary mental rehearsal, which suggest that songs are an effective aid to memorization. The analysis should draw attention to this new and exciting way of foreign language learning, and should be especially useful to professionals in the fields of linguistics and language teaching methodology, as well as foreign language learners.

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Anna Tarassevitš

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Schoolpedagogy, didactics, methodology