The End of Evangelisation Marks the Beginning of Catechesis

The End of Evangelisation Marks the Beginning of Catechesis

Evangelisation and Catechesis Today

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-10-29 )

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The main purpose of evangelisation is the interior change . The church goes into evangelisation when it seeks to convert people through the power of the word of God. Which she proclaims.Catechesis is supposed to re-echo the words and deeds of Jesus, the word made flesh. It is the whole of the efforts of the church to make disciples. It is an instrument of education to help people to be able to build up the body of Christ and imitate his life.Evangelisation is the beginning of catechesis. One cannot talk about catechesis without evangelisation.Evangelisation constitutes the first step of catechesis. Evangelisation involves the embracing of Jesus and his message by the evangelised person. After conversion proper catechesis can take place. True catechesis is carried out when there is faith and obedience to Jesus.The first task of the church is evangelisation in every place where the gospel has not been announced. There are three stages of catechesis.Pre evangelisation evangelisation and catechesis.This book is good during formation and after formation.It is simple clear and to the point.It can be used in all houses of religious formation. It is good for Religious and Clergy

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