Money & Financial System

Money & Financial System

Thoery and Practice

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-09-06 )

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This book has presented on certain topics of Money & Financial System as per the new syllabus. By keeping the readers background in mind, the whole subject has been compiled in a very simple, brief and precise manner. This book contains 17 chapters. Chapters-1, 2 & 3 covers Meaning and Functions of money, Block Chain Technology and Digital Currency, Approaches and Constituents of Money Supply. Financial System, Money Market & Capital Market are discussed in 4,5, & 6 Chapters. Commercial Banks, Payments Banks, Credit creation and Banking Business discussed in chapters 8,9 & 10. E-banking services is covered in chapter -11, MFI’s covered in chapter 12. NBFCs topic analysed in chapter 13 and mutual funds explained in 14th chapter. Bank mergers discussed in 15th chapter and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) discussed in 16th chapter. Finally, NABARD and SIDBI explained in 17th chapter. The topics presented in this book are in simple language for better understanding of student. Possible questions are given at end of every chapter. All these features will go a long way in helping students to gain the basic knowledge of Money & Financial System and in tackling the examination successfully.

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Suryanarayana Sanyasinaidu Bure

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