The Shudra Gods of Hinduism and the Hindu Way of Life

The Shudra Gods of Hinduism and the Hindu Way of Life

The Eternal Religion

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-09-13 )

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The Aryan tribes inhabiting Europe around the Caspian Sea invaded the Indus valley and had a fight with the Asuras of the Indus valley. The Aryan tribes were called the Devas and were led by their leader Vishnu and Indra. The Indus valley asuric tribes were headed by the Asuras Varuna and Mitra. Shiva was the head of the army of the Asuras. The Devas led by Vishnu damage the giant dams in the Indus river build by the Asuras for agriculture and protection from floods. The giant dam over the Indus river build by the Asuras was guarded by Vrtra. The destruction of the dam build by the Asuras over the Indus flooded the Indus valley killing the population of the great civilization. The population of the Indus valley migrated to South and Central India and they became a subjugate race. The Aryans under Vishnu and Indra organized a caste system where the invading Aryans became the upper caste constituted of Rajputs and Brahmins. The Indus valley population became the subjugate lower caste of Shudras.

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