Recent advances in Implant Treatment Protocol

Recent advances in Implant Treatment Protocol

Clinician's guide to various implant treatment options

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-11-08 )

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The impact of disease on quality of life is essentially taken into account when assessing health status. It is likely that tooth loss, in most cases being a consequence of oral diseases, affects Oral Health-Related Quality of Life. Losing teeth not only affects the smile, but also alter the bite and weaken jawbone. Advances in prosthetic dentistry have made possible to fill the spaces with bridges and implants that are more functional than the teeth they have replaced. In recent years the treatment options and modalities for achieving optimal functional and aesthetic outcomes with implant restorations have clearly changed. It is because of all this work in the past that we are seeing the emergence of implant concepts developing into the most refined and popularly utilized systems. Thus, it can be anticipated that dental implants will frequently be the first treatment option for replacement of missing teeth. With evolution and introduction to the newer technology, the science of dental implants is growing and advancing at a good rate. Recent work on the implant materials, design, surface, guide system, imaging and newer concepts have been a boon to this zone.

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Tanya Singh
Abhinav Agarwal
Manesh Lahori

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