The Origin and End of the Aryans

The Origin and End of the Aryans

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-11-21 )

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The Homo neanderthalis migrated from the supercontinent in the Southern ocean consisting of a South Indian landmass, Antarctica, Australia and South America owing to the breakup of the continent by volcanic eruptions in the Indonesian islands and tsunamis. The Indus valley civilization, Babylonian and Egyptian civilization are basically neanderthalic or Asuras. The homo sapiens basically evolved in Africa. The homo sapiens migrated to Europe and the Middle-East and intermingled as well as mated with the homo neanderthalis species producing a hybrid Aryan species. The homo sapiens were produced by a retroviral epidemic and integration of retroviral genomic sequences in to the human genome as human endogenous retroviruses. The Neanderthals consequent to archaeal symbiosis can generate new viruses serving as viral reservoirs. The archaeal endosymbiosis in Neanderthals produces stem cell transformation protecting the stem cell reservoirs of viruses from immune attack. These newly generated viruses in homo neanderthalis to which they are immune can attack and exterminate the homo sapien hybrid or Aryan population.

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