AI Use Technology

AI Use Technology

Ethical Chat GPT: Concern, Challenge

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-01-31 )

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Ethical concern associated with the use AI language models their are indeed ethical concern's associated with the use of AI language model such as CHATGPT, such as Bias, privacy and Abuse. However Chat Bots models were develops as tool to support natural Language communication Between Humans.Human Control Artificial Intelligence when super intelligent machine arrive for determining whether an AI would produced harm to the world based on calculation no single algorithm can find a solution could destroy it's own operation the capabilities of super intelligent AI be superficially limited for controlling super intelligent AI have their Limit this could be achieved by programming ethical principle in to it, but the researcher analysis shows that such algorithm cannot build so it was consider Harmful to humanity why so their are two reason 1. limited behavior of AI, 2. ensure a super intelligent AI can not harm people any circumstances it could prove to be dangerous for humanity.

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Rakesh Kumar Mishra

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