Cancer Unveiled: Biology, Molecular Landscapes and Targeted Therapy

Cancer Unveiled: Biology, Molecular Landscapes and Targeted Therapy

A Comprehensive Guide to Cancer Types, Molecular Pathways and Advance Therapeutic Strategies

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-02-01 )

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This book brings together a unique insight into the multifaceted nature of cancer. From the fundamental biology of diverse cancer types to the intricate molecular landscapes that govern their behaviour, the chapters within this book serve as a comprehensive guide, illuminating the path toward a deeper understanding of this complex disease. The title, "Cancer Unveiled," reflects our commitment to peeling back the layers of uncertainty and ambiguity surrounding cancer. Through meticulous exploration and analysis, this book aims to provide readers with a clear and informed perspective on the latest developments in cancer research and treatment. The journey begins with an exploration of the underlying biology of various cancer types, offering readers a foundation upon which to comprehend the subsequent discussions on molecular pathways and targeted therapies. The chapters are organized to serve as a roadmap through the intricate terrain of cancer research.

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Lalit Mohan Nainwal
Poonam Arora

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