Mitochondrial Medicine from Higher Plant - Dietary Fibre& Mitochondria

Mitochondrial Medicine from Higher Plant - Dietary Fibre& Mitochondria

Antibiotics, Antioxidants, Neuroprotectants, Immunosuppresants,Antipsychotics, Antidepressants, Antidiabetics&Anticancer

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-02-21 )

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Populations consuming a high saturated fat and protein diet with low fibre intake tend to get increased endosymbiotic archaeal growth and are neanderthalised. The short chain fatty acid propionate can produce an autistic brain pathology. The short chain fatty acids can bind to GPCR increasing sympathetic activity. The SCFA butyrate is a HDAC inhibitor and modulates genomic transmission. Butyrate can modulate cognition and increase cognitive function. The acetate is channelled to the glutamate glutamine cycle and modulates neurotransmitter in the synapse. Butyrate can produce histone hyperacetylation and increase BDNF activity. The SCFA can bind to G-protein coupled FFA receptor producing immunosuppression. The short chain fatty acids are anti-inflammatory mitosupplements. Because the SCFA are anti-inflammatory it can modulate insulin resistance. Dietary fibre deficiency can lead to metabolic syndrome and autoimmune disease. Butyrate by producing HDAC inhibition is antioncogenic and inhibits oncogenesis. Butyrate can produce HDAC inhibition and alter protein conformation & folding producing modulation and amelioration of genetic disorders. Butyrate promotes stem cell transformation.

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Ravikumar Kurup
Parameswara Achutha Kurup

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General Natural Sciences