Control and Regulation of linear systems

Control and Regulation of linear systems

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-05-29 )

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This Pedagogic course is dedicated to undergraduate students as part of the official curriculum. Even in higher education, students who want to deepen their knowledge or have a basic document on enslavement. A servo or controlled system is a (physical) process that must control an output quantity in accordance with a quantity applied to its input: the output must "obey" the input. It comprises: a structure capable of varying the output quantity in the range of possible values, a comparator which indicates at any time to the process the difference between the input quantity (desired) and the output quantity (obtained) so that it acts to continuously reduce this difference. At the center of this knowledge is the concept of system, a concept that can be found in many disciplines and techniques: process control, optimization techniques, signal processing, filtering, mathematical differential equations, etc. We are interested, in this course, mainly in the study of both continuous and linear "systems", which are represented as a "black box". This course treated for students in LMD training.

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Aouiche Abdelaziz
Aouiche Chaima
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Electronics, electro-technology, communications technology