The Construction of Strategic Power

The Construction of Strategic Power

The Strategic Philosophy on Producing Active Power

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-05-29 )

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Strategic power is the set of multi-sector capabilities resulting from the processes of transforming natural resources into vital power that can be consumed or used in various functional fields, in which the sum of its outputs makes a strategic difference in the way state influences within its territory, in its regional environment, or even internationally. This type of power works in various directions, such as superiority over others, the ability to compete strategically in different issue-areas, defensive effectiveness, strategic deterrence operations against enemies, security containment of threat sources, satisfying defense needs, responding to national security requirements, and a steady increase in the power of the state. It is concerning the power of influence and direction of security events, the political and strategic weight of the state, and other potential effects. Raw power is usually limited in size and type, but active power is multi-functional, diverse in properties, and various in usages. The escalation of the functional aspects of active power relies on human skill and creativity in transforming raw resources into the multiple forms of active power.

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Ameur Mosbah

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