Gandhi, Asuras, Autism and Indian Freedom Struggle

Gandhi, Asuras, Autism and Indian Freedom Struggle

The Aryan Upper Caste Indians and Their Relation with the colonising Aryan Europeans and Mughal Rulers

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-05-31 )

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Mahatma Gandhi was a neanderthalic shudra. Neanderthals belong to an autistic tribe. If you analyse Mahatma Gandhi’s behaviour, it had several autistic traits. Gandhi was an enigmatic, contradictory, eccentric figure. He was one of the strangest figures that ever inhabited the planet. He was also one of the most influential. He achieved his goals, not with the gun like Napoleon, but through non-violence. His philosophy of idealism was that India represented everyone, not the Hindus alone. He was not able to understand other people’s mind, a feature of autism as exemplified by his relationship with his sons and political leaders like Bose, Jinnah and Ambedkar. In that way, as a political leader, he was a failure because though India got independence, it was partitioned and lost its soul. The Indian elite were welcoming of the British rule as they considered the Anglo-Saxons as similar Aryans. The Indian elite on the other hand considered the Mughals as asuric neanderthalic and had no sympathy with them.

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