Concept of earthquake Resistant RCC building Analysis

Concept of earthquake Resistant RCC building Analysis

Plain and slopping ground in Different Seismic Zones

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-05-29 )

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It is well recognized that the incorporation of lateral load-resisting systems in the form of shearwalls, bracing systems, etc. improve the structural performance of buildings subjected to lateral forces due to earthquake excitation. The seismic behavior of buildings is strongly affected by the arrangement of shear walls, the rigidity of floors, and the connections of floors to the walls. The building with structural shear walls Improves the lateral load resistance. Shear wall has high in plane stiffness and strength which can be used to simultaneously resist large horizontal loadsand support gravity loads. For the buildings on sloping ground, the height of columns below the plinth level is not the same which affects the performance of the building during earthquakes. Thus to improve the seismic performance of buildings on plain and sloping ground the shear walls play an important role. Hence in this study, the attempt is made to analyze the multi-story buildings on plain and sloping ground with and without shear walls.

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Vikas S. Pagey
Sandeep Gupta
Neeraj Kumar Nagayach

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Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology