Design Actions for SDG x ESG x UNPRME Impact 5

Design Actions for SDG x ESG x UNPRME Impact 5

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-04-15 )

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Organizations nowadays are operating in an environment of unpredictable changes after COVID-19 with increasing expectations from the community. There are new demands with social responsibilities and trust to customers. To ensure its sustainable development, new elements are needed to be added for trust-building and word-of-mouth, for example SDG and ESG. Transformative business models with insights from business leaders and scholars are needed. The new book of Dr. Shirley Yeung provides insights in SDG acceleration project design to socially engage the youth and women community. It also gives a comprehensive presentation of the projects that Dr. Yeung has convened and implemented with impacts in the past few years. The material covered in this book provides educators, industry practitioners and policy makers with good practices on SDG x ESG. It will be a useful reference for those who wish to enhance their organization’s sustainable development performance. Mr. William ShumFounder, Memorigin Tourbillon Watch

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Shirley Mo Ching Yeung

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Business management