Shorticle 2.0 (Volume 2)

Shorticle 2.0 (Volume 2)

A Collection of Short Articles on AIML, Cloud, Blockchain, Metaverse, Enterprise Architecture, Generative AI and more

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2023-11-28 )

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Shorticle is a term coined by Dr. Magesh Kasthuri for the acronym “Short Article”. Shorticle covers a wide range of Technical topics like AIML, Cloud technology, Blockchain, Enterprise Architecture, Metaverse, Generative AI, and more. The idea of Shorticle is to introduce new-generation technology topics to readers who can be both Tech savvy or non-technical (eg: Sales person or IT manager). The author covers the write-up with a basic introduction to the topic and gives a practical usage perspective on these technologies where readers can understand ‘know-how’ and ‘how-to’ use these features in new generation technology. One can understand the development of technology areas like Cloud, Blockchain, AIML, and Big Data, how they evolved and matured in recent years, and how to use them for the right use case across various industrial solutions. There are about 1000 Shorticles covered in this book (Volume I and Volume II) to cover a wide range of topics across abovesaid technology.The idea of shorticle is not to give a crisp and short view of each of the intended topics and not bore the readers with lengthy tutorial type of write-ups but to provide a sharp view of the topic.

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