Endosymbiotic Magnetotactic and Extraterrestrial Intergalactic Archaea

Endosymbiotic Magnetotactic and Extraterrestrial Intergalactic Archaea

Human Speciation, Creation of the Universe and a Cellular Reservoir for Viral Pandemics

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-01-29 )

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The human brain can be considered as a modified archaeaon colony network. The archaeaons are eternal. The human brain is basically an information storage system. The archaeaon has got dipolar magnetite and porphyrins & can function as quantal computer. The archaeaon in the brain is capable of information storage at a point in time & space. The experiences & information stored in the archaeaon is immortal & eternal. The archaeaon can have a wave-particle existence & can exist in multiple quantal possible states & can inhabit multiple quantal multiverses. The interaction between information stored in quantal computers in multiple different archaeaon systems all over the universe by the quantal interactions results in eternal existence of information in quantal multiverses. The information in the quantal multiverses can have a particulate existence creating a newer mode by quantal interactions between information stored at multiple points of time. This creates the particulate mythic world of human existence called as Samsaras. The mind is uploaded into information in the neuronal archaeal colony network quantal computers in an eternal manner &can contribute to biological reincarnation

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Ravikumar Kurup
Parameswara Achutha Kurup

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General Natural Sciences