Decisional DNA and the Smart Knowledge Management System

Decisional DNA and the Smart Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management applied to an Intelligent Platform

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2010-01-09 )

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Experience has made species to survive and cultures to prevail, as experience makes organizations to succeed. Thus, capturing the experience of every decision taken in an explicit representation form is highlighted as the utmost importance in knowledge engineering presented in this book. Decisional DNA knowledge representation allows building the experiential fingerprints of an organization by implementing a model for transforming information into knowledge. The Smart Knowledge Management System (SKMS) is a self-learning and intelligent knowledge management hybrid platform developed to help decision makers in their daily operation. Technologies such as expert systems, simulation, statistical tools, knowledge-based systems, and multiple AI technologies are integrated into the SKMS allowing the combination of different perspectives for acquiring the required explicit decisional experiential knowledge by the means of Decisional DNA. The presented tools offer useful insights to professionals, students and researchers interested in knowledge engineering and knowledge management, but more generally, in the artificial intelligence and information systems fields.

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Cesar Sanin

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Informatics, IT