Impact of Faith Based Economy on the Church and National Development

Impact of Faith Based Economy on the Church and National Development

A Case Study of Africa's Churches and Nations

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-04-04 )

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The field of 'Faith-Based Economy' is emerging as a new area of study within Religious Studies programs in selected higher institutions across Africa. With limited existing literature addressing this subject, both students and casual readers have expressed a need for comprehensive resources. This book delves into the Impacts of Faith-Based Economy on both the Church and National Development in Africa. Amidst a backdrop of economic challenges facing the continent, including the adverse effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and inadequate management of national economies, the Church in Africa often finds itself grappling with economic issues due to a lack of attention or understanding. In this context, the author explores biblical perspectives on addressing economic downturns within the Church in Africa, alongside an examination of the concept of Faith-Based Economy. Also, the book investigates Christianity's influence on National Economic Development in Africa, as well as the engagement of institutions like the World Bank with Christian Faith Communities on the continent. Finally, the author offers recommendations aimed at addressing these challenges and fostering positive change.

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Jones Segun Jesutunwase

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