Power Plant Engineering and its Industrial Facilities

Power Plant Engineering and its Industrial Facilities

Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development and Economics

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-03-31 )

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The present book delves into the realm of Power Plant Engineering and its Industrial Facilities, examining Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development, Technology, and Economics. It emphasizes the pivotal role and responsibility of power plants in electricity generation and their socio-economic contributions to development. The book elucidates the energy scenario and fundamental concepts, encompassing the analysis of steam power plant cycles, fuels and combustion systems, steam boilers, turbine technology, condensers, and environmental considerations. Internal combustion power plants are also explored, alongside discussions on power plant economics. Power plants serve as essential infrastructure, facilitating industrial facility development and providing a scientific economic analysis for sustainable renewable energy. The book meticulously elucidates the concept of power plants, detailing strategies to achieve their goals and objectives. As power plant engineers, understanding energy sources and their characteristics is paramount, particularly in the context of renewable resources, which play a crucial role in sustainable global development and improving quality of life.

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Geleta Fekadu

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Mechanical engineering, manufacturing technology