Environmental Waste Management Optimization

Environmental Waste Management Optimization

Finding the Best Solution Among Various Available Options

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-03-31 )

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Composting is an effective urban solid waste management strategy that can be utilized for municipal waste mixes to reduce volume and weight of disposable materials, minimize odor and leachate emissions, recycle resources, and lower costs associated with waste disposal. In today's world, the combination of consumerism and technological advancements has led to the production of a wide variety of waste on a global scale, resulting in a significant increase in waste generation rates in all countries, including Iran. This study, conducted in Karaj for the first time, utilized a meta-heuristic algorithm-based method for data analysis. The research findings highlight that large industrial units have a greater environmental impact compared to other food industries. Many smaller food industries view the presence of environmental experts or the establishment of waste management systems as costly and burdensome. Therefore, it can be concluded that inadequate waste management in Karaj is due to the absence of environmental experts in the industrial sector.

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Hadi Erfani
Farid Kalantari

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Building and environmental technology