Replacing Cement and Robosand By Fly-ash and Using Mineral Admixtures

Replacing Cement and Robosand By Fly-ash and Using Mineral Admixtures

Study on Strength and Durability Properties of High Strength Concrete by Replacing Sand with Robo sand and Cement

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing ( 2024-04-15 )

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High Performance Concrete (HPC) is a concrete meeting special combinations of performance and uniformity requirements that cannot be always achieved routinely by using conventional constituents and normal mixing. In this experimental study the partial replacement of cement and fine aggregate by the fly ash and robo sand respectively. Recently natural sand is becoming very costly because of its demand in the construction industry and BAN of sand mining in rivers. So research for the alternatives of natural sand is going to find in economical way to meet the high performance characteristics. In this path the manufactured sand called ROBOSAND is the new material i.e., arrived in the world of concrete to fulfil the requirements of Natural sand. The other material FLYASH comes from the industries as a by-product which is freely available. This project mainly focuses on achieving high performance characteristics of concrete by comparing M80 and M90 grades. The strength, workability and Durability properties for both grades are compared by varying the percentages of ROBOSAND with natural sand by 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% together with fly ash of 20% replacement in cement.

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Subhashish Dey
K. Prafulla Devi

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