Study on Use of Cockle shell as replacement in concrete materials

Exploratory study on the use of Cockle shell as partial Coarse and Fine aggregate replacement in concrete

A. Sateesh, Subhashish Dey - ISBN: 978-620-7-48313-6

€ 43,90

Improving Water Use Efficiency in Smart Irrigation

A Modeling Approach

Erion Bwambale - ISBN: 978-620-7-48312-9

€ 79,90


Oleksandr Akhmerov - ISBN: 978-620-7-47717-3

€ 68,90

Mathematical Adventures: I

Innovative Teaching Methods for Primary Level-I

Pooja Vats - ISBN: 978-620-7-48320-4

€ 43,90

Mathematical Adventures-II

Innovative Teaching Methods for Primary Level-II

Pooja Vats - ISBN: 978-620-7-48321-1

€ 43,90

Фінансовий менеджмент

Розглянуто основи фінансового менеджменту суб'єктів господарювання в нестабільному ринковому середовищі

Ольга МНИХ, Ірина Білик - ISBN: 978-620-7-47719-7

€ 91,90

Students attitudes, engagement, and performance toward physics- Rwanda

Assessing the impact of students attitudes in physics at the Lower Secondary School in Rwamagana

Valens Tujyinama - ISBN: 978-620-7-47551-3

€ 43,90